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Hers To Take by Avery Samson

Hers to Take by Avery Samson, Avery Samson romance author

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Will he make another foul or will he be hers to take?

Tall, dark, handsome Marcus Johnson is not the man for her, although the universe definitely disagrees. For four years now, he has appeared and just as quickly disappeared from her life. She’s had enough. She knows exactly where her life is going and she doesn’t need some wishy-washy man slowing her down. Even if he has the most knee-weakening deep brown eyes and a voice that sends shivers down her spine. Oh and did she mention he’s going to be a doctor?

He was raised to be a good man. Respect his elders, respect women, work hard, study even harder. It’s how he’s lived his life so far. Up until the fateful basketball game when she bounced on to the court with her short skirt and pom poms. Suddenly all he can think about is being bad, very bad. Because when it comes to the cheerleader of his fantasies, Dia Price, he’s a complete disaster. He can’t seem to stop messing everything up when he’s with her. He just hopes he can fix it before it’s too late.

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