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Neon Summer by Linny Lawless

Neon Summer by Linny Lawless, Linny Lawless romance author, Jamieson Fitzpatrick model

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The year was 1987 and I was on Spring Break. It was my first time away from college and away from my smothering parents. I wanted to break free just like my girlfriend, Angie. She was wild and knew how to have fun. Then I felt as if I was struck by lightning when I crossed paths with a fine-looking guitar player named Eric. I felt his sexual energy, but he was a total jerk and I didn’t know any heavy-metal headbangers back home. But Eric made me weak in the knees and I wanted to show him my wild side.
I had a feeling Cindy was a virgin because I got that vibe from her when she walked toward me in that dark hallway at the nightclub. With long, dark, wavy hair, she was innocent looking but with curves in all the right places. I was into groupie chicks who liked to party all night after a gig. But there was something about Cindy, other than just her innocence. I sensed she was a little wildcat, even though she kept it hidden underneath her snobby attitude. But I was game to draw that wildcat out.

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