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Happily Ever Bitten by Lexi C. Foss and Anna Edwards

Happily Ever Bitten by Lexi C. Foss and Anna Edwards, Lexi C. Foss best selling author, Anna Edwards best selling author, Dominic Calvani modelCJC: What was the process of co-authoring “Happily Ever Bitten” like?

AE: Due to COVID-19 issues with both of us, this wasn’t an easy write like Happily Ever Crowned. We know where we went wrong though and it will be much better for the next book.

LF:  As Anna mentioned, it’s a very different environment right now, which strongly impacts creativity. My day job in healthcare also slowed down my process, which delayed the start of our cowrite. But we got it done and we’re proud of it.

CJC: If you could only describe this book in one word of phrase what would it be?  

AE:  Salvation with one bite.

LF:  A dark dance of retribution and seduction.

CJC: Without giving too much away, what was your favorite scene to write?

AE:  My favorite scene to write was when Zaya, Grigory and another character, are fleeing Neptune. It gave me license to let my mind flow and make up whatever I wanted as nothing about Neptune was set in stone yet. I could create something from the darkest depths of my mind.

LF:  My favorite scene to write was the climax of the novel. I also enjoyed some of the tension scenes between Grigory and Zaya, particularly the one after the engagement party.

CJC: What do you find the easier/hardest part about writing with another author?

AE: Lexi is fabulous to write with, she’s got one of the smartest brains I know in the author world. It makes it so easy to write with her because she makes you work harder and want to do the best for her. She stimulates me as a co-author.

LF:  I love the collaboration part of cowriting. It’s fun to have someone to bounce ideas off of, and enjoying the battle of muses over scenes. Anna has so much creativity in her mind. She pushes me into darker realms of writing that I’m not exposed to often as an author, and that’s really exciting for me.

CJC: For authors looking to co-author with one another what advice would you give them?

AE: Make sure you get a plan in place first and then write off each other chapter after chapter. The story may change as characters never do what you want them too, but it gives you a good foundation which you can both see for the future.

LF:  I agree with Anna above that a plan is necessary. I also recommend making sure your writing gels with the coauthor. The key to cowriting is having an even prose throughout so the product looks like one person wrote it, not two.

What would you like readers to take away after they finish reading Happily Ever Bitten?

AE:  Excitement for the next book, LOL. No, seriously, I want them to see that despite what happens to you in the world you can overcome it and be strong. Zaya has a horrible start to live but with Grigory and his help she sees the person she can be, even if he’s stubborn for most of the book and doesn’t see it himself.

LF:  I want the reader to feel fulfilled by the story, and to feel a sense of kinship with Zaya. She’s struggled through some seriously harsh moments, but she came out stronger on the other side. Not just because of Grigory, but her own inner spirit as well. This is a story of love with a happily ever after ending that will hopefully leave the reader smiling at its completion.

Thank you so much Lexi and Anna for featuring Dominic on the cover of this project. Happily Ever Bitten is a now available and can be purchased here.

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