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Neue Genfer ÜbersetzungSchlachter 1951Schlachter 2000 The Bible in the translation of Franz Eugen Schlachter – Version 2000 © Geneva Bible Society, with new orthography. Copyright © 2000 Genfer Bibelgesellschaft Wiedergegeben mit freundlicher Genehmigung. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. DOWNLOAD: Schlachter 2000 – Neues Testament – MP3 – Hörbibel Schlachter 2000 – Standardausgabe (Kalbsleder – Goldschnitt – mit Reißverschluss – schwarz) Die Bibel nach der Übersetzung von Franz Eugen Schlachter – Version 2000 © Genfer Bibelgesellschaft in neuer Rechtschreibung. Die revidierte Schlachter Bibel hat das Anliegen, das Wort Gottes wortgetreu und für den Leser verständlich wiederzugeben. Dieser Übersetzung liegt im Alten Testament der überlieferte Masoretische Text und im Neuen Testament der überlieferte griechische Text der Reformation zugrunde. Schlachter 2000, a German Bible translation, is available for your handheld device. In 1918, two Swiss pastors named Linder and Kappeler revised the Schlachter Bible, and the Genfer Bibelgesellschaft led a new revision of the translation in 1951, although it was a light revision. The text was faithful to Schlachter`s original and had only been edited slightly.

In 2003, the last revision, called the Schlachter Version 2000, was completed. This version follows the same approach as the original Miniaturbibel, but is also very accurate to the Greek and Hebrew original. The new edition also includes many references. Schlachter initially published the Book of Job in 1893. In 1905, the so-called Miniaturbibel was published, the first German language Bible version in the twentieth century. The Miniatur-Bible was one of the smallest Bibles ever printed in the German language. It was very thin with very legible printing. The Bible would fit in any of the pockets of a man`s jacket. This was followed by the house-bible (Hausbibel), published in 1907, and the hand-bible (Handbibel) published in 1908. The last edition of the original Miniaturbibel was published in 1911.

This is so much more than a traditional dictionary. While you`re reading the Bible, the Resource Guide will pull up articles from this dictionary. You can also select words in the text and tap “Look Up” to access relevant information in a pop-up window. All editions of the Schlachter Bible came in three formats: there was a pocket-edition, a hand-edition, and a greater family-edition.

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