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Art of Love by Vicki Tharp

Art of Love by Vicki Tharp, Vicki Tharp author, Jered Youngblood model

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The professor is about to be schooled.

Art professor Demetri Stavros has one rule:

Don’t sleep with your students.

Despite a few offers, he’s never been tempted… until now.

Though it could end his career, Demetri can’t stay away. Roman Reed makes him question his priorities and his life. But Demetri’s secret? He’ll keep that to himself.

After all, is a lie of omission really a lie?

A past betrayal has taught Roman the importance of running his personal life by strict standards. Honesty is a must.

Then he discovers Demetri’s truth.

Can Roman overcome his history and find forgiveness, or are the lies more powerful than their growing love?

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