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Playing It Cool by Lisa B. Kamps

Playing It Cool by Lisa B. Kamps, Lisa B. Kamps author, Tom Ernsting model

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Sometimes figuring out what you want in life is only half the battle…

Bryan Torresi has a reputation for playing it cool, for being hard-nosed and unforgiving. As head coach of the York Bombers, he has to be. The men look to him for advice and guidance and when it comes to playing hockey, he’s one of the best. Off the ice is another story. Life has slipped him by and he wonders what he’s missed by being so focused on the sport he loves—and then he meets Pamela Howard.

A successful small business owner, Pamela is focused on one thing: security. But achieving the security she’s always craved has come at the cost of a personal life. She’s not afraid of being alone but she’s tired of being lonely—and only now realizes that there’s a difference between the two. Meeting the outwardly cool hockey coach makes her wonder if there’s still a chance for her to succeed in love.

Can two independent people who are used to living life on their own terms learn to compromise for the sake of love? It’s a game of give-and-take with stakes higher than either one imagined—but only if they’re willing to play instead of walking away.

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