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Eve of Destruction by E. Kay Sims

Eve of Destruction by E. Kay Sims, E. Kay Sims author, Gideon Connelly model

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Eve Stone
I woke up in a top-secret lab with no memory of my past. When I sleep, I dream of a man with stormy silver eyes. He haunts me and something in me knows he is the key to my finding my human identity.

Our relationship was against the rules but we fell in love anyway. She was everything and I feel the loss of her deep in my soul, I would give anything for even just one more day with her.

Eve of Destruction is the first book in the completed Knights of Destruction Duet.

“Hold on for an intense ride” – Amazon Reviewer
Interesting, hot and well written!” – Amazon Reviewer

Disclaimer: Eve of Destruction is for mature readers 18+. This book contains sexually explicit themes and is a dark read that may contain triggers for some including violence and rape.

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