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Jen Luerssen – The Smirk Series

Happy release day Jen! Salty Sebastian (Book 3 in the Smirk series) is now available! Learn more about the Smirk series, how Jen picked the cover model for each story, and about her upcoming projects in this exclusive interview.

CJC: For those who haven’t read The Smirk series, how would you describe each book in one word?
JL:That’s a really hard question for someone who never has one word for anything but here goes…
F*cking Frank—ridiculous
Just Joe—slowburn
Salty Sebastian—surprising

CJC: Are there any sneak previews or tidbits you can share about Salty Sebastian
JL: Sebastian and Kit are a really fun couple. He’s older than her and has been burned before. She has something she’s hiding from him but they have fiery chemistry. This one is my most emotional in the series but there is still plenty of funny and lot’s of sex.

CJC: How did you go about selecting the cover models for each book and which character each would portray?
JL: Thanks to my excellent photographer I got what I needed before I knew I needed it. The picture of Joe came first but I knew he’d be the second book. Thankfully I described what I needed for Frank (tall, dark, tatted with glasses) and Christopher was able to make magic happen. Sebastian was easy too, scruffy, sex and smiling. They all perfectly represent the characters. Frank is a little rough around the edges and more alternative. Joe is classically handsome and clean cut but goofy. Sebastian is the sexy artist. I’m beyond pleased with my choices.

CJC: Can we expect a book 4 in this series and if so which character?
JL: I always planned on it being three, since they are friends from high school. There may be some characters revisited. I want to write Jack’s story (Joe’s younger brother)

CJC: What other projects do you have currently in the works that we can look forward to?
JL: I’m working on a MM romantic comedy next and then I have a new series planned.

CJC: What is the best way for readers to contact you and stay up to date with all of your latest releases?
JL: You can find my on Instagram mostly @authorjenluerssen on FB at or on bookbub @jenluerssen

CJC: Make sure to pick up a copy of Salty Sebastian (Book 3 in the Smirk series) here. 
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