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Salty Sebastian by Jen Luerssen

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Salty? I mean, it’s better than “f*cking” or “just” but I think it paints an inaccurate picture of my genial personality.

I’m assuming that “sexy” or “sophisticated” were too pedestrian or already taken. Joe tells me that I can pretend it’s about how I taste. I ignore that affable deviant as much as possible.

Generally, I’m a pretty easy going and friendly guy.

My new intern, Kit calls me “Salty” and so I guess it’s a thing now.

Am I attracted to Kit? Hell yes and in the past I’ve treated her very well. Several times in one night as a matter of fact. A night we didn’t exchange real names or numbers, it was Vegas, for fuck’s sake.

Maybe I’m a tiny bit salty that I find that the co-owner of my winery, Mikey, hired Kit as our new intern. I’m not the type of guy who sleeps with his interns.

If being stuck working with a woman I’ve been intimate with, who is amazing at her job, yet treats me like I gave her chlamydia pushes me a little in the salty category, then I guess that’s an apt description. Despite her clear displeasure with me now, Kit was once happy in my company.

If you are a fan of Penelope Ward or Christina Lauren, you’ll love this book about me and Kit.

Buy my book today to see if I figure out if it’s worth making her happy again.

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