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Protecting Her Heart by Samantha Lind

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I believed in the fairytale.
The Happily-Ever-After.
The “till death do us part” fantasy little girls grow up believing in.
Unfortunately for me, my happy ending was divorce, and learning to find myself all over again.
I was done with men and relationships, or so I thought, until a stubborn hockey player was determined to show me what love could really be.
But could I fall for the fairytale a second time, and trust that he would protect my heart?

From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she was made for me.
She was broken and I was determined to put her back together again.
I was here to prove she could have that fairytale love story after all.
To show her someone else can protect her heart and love her unconditionally.
Now I just have to convince her that someone is me.

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