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F*cking Frank by Jen Luerssen

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I’m F*cking Frank (yeah there’s an asterisk, worked for that kids book, didn’t it?) and this book is about me and Mikey.

Mikey and I were literally separated at birth, and when we get back together, it’s pretty great. She could do way better, but who am I to set her standards? I make music, she makes wine. Together we mostly argue and f*ck (jeez, even here an asterisk?), so you know, we’re perfect for each other. At least I think we are, she wants to keep it casual and like a jerk I fell in love.

She and I f*ck a lot, hopefully it’s enough for you pervs. I mean, Myself? I like a good paranormal with maybe two or three powerful demigods or shifters going at it, but you do you.

Where was I? Yeah, so buy this book if you like my abs and that vee thing Mikey swoons over. You could get the ebook version or you could buy the paperback and show my abs off like nature intended.

“Hey Carol, what are you reading?” I ask.

“Um, War and Peace,” you say and I know you are lying your face off, Carol. You like romance, own that shit!

You know you liked that sexy Lauren Blakely book so why not me?

So go ahead, buy this book, read it in three hours, and move on to the next one that will be undervalued by snobs with no joy in their life.

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