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Playing For Love by Lisa B. Kamps

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Their one-night stand comes with a big price…

Travis Bankard is the quiet, reserved center for the York Bombers. He’s known for being soft-spoken and big-hearted, something the rest of the team continuously teases him about—until he takes some playful advice to heart and goes to extremes to rid himself of his reputation.

Cara Hudgins has always been the misfit among her small social circle. Quiet and introverted, she’s more comfortable around animals than people. And she would never, ever agree to a no-strings-attached hook-up—until one night, fueled by alcohol and her friends’ encouragement, she does. Unfortunately, her one night with the adorably shy hockey player comes with a big price she never saw coming.

Afraid and alone, Cara tracks down Travis to give him the news of her pregnancy. She doesn’t expect anything from him, especially not a relationship. But beneath his big heart lies a will of steel–and he has no problem changing the rules of the game when it comes to playing for love.

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