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Model Spotlight: Lauren Summer

CJC Photography, Lauren Summer model, Florida photographer, book cover photographer, romance book cover photographerThis month’s exclusive model spotlight feature is none other than the beautiful Lauren Summer! She was last featured on my blog in August of 2017 and during this interview we delve into her move to Miami, what her goals are for this year and more.

CJC: You recently relocated from Orlando to Miami, what made you chose that as your new home?

LSB: I was traveling to Miami so often for work so it just made sense. I have a two-year-old nephew and its only two hours away to go back home to see my family. For now, this is the place to be that makes the most sense both professionally and personally.

CJC: When selecting a photographer or brand to collaborate with what do you look for?

LSB: When it comes to brands I definitely choose things I already use or like or brands I could see myself using. I like to keep things as authentic as possible.
When it comes to a photographer, they need to be great at what they do and I have to envision us being able to collaborate with one another.

CJC: With those beginning modeling and wanting to get in the field, what key tips would you give them?

LSB: Make sure you have a good portfolio with a lot of variety but above everything else know your worth. There are people out there that are going to tell you you’re too fat or too skinny or not tall enough. You have to not let that effect you and believe in yourself. The only opinion that matters is your own. Self-doubt is your worst enemy.

CJC: In your photos you have such a way of evoking and bringing a variety of emotions, how do you do that? What are you thinking about?

LSB: I get so into it, whenever I shoot I’m a different person. It’s like acting in a sense. Instead of a filmed story, you have one frame. You have to give it all you got.

CJC: What is the biggest misconception that people have about you?

LSB: I think that the biggest misconception that people have about me is that I’m stuck up purely based on looking at my photos. In reality, I’m just a goofball. People judge based on what they see without actually getting to know the real you and they base their assumptions from that.CJC Photography, Lauren Summer model, Florida photographer, book cover photographer, romance book cover photographer

CJC: In less than two years we’ve collaborated on 22 book covers together, how has that experience been like for you?   

LSB: Book covers are different than any other photo shoot I’ve done before. It’s fun to imagine the final product during the photo shoot. You get to pretend that you are different characters and it really helps to foresee the end product.
My grandmother is an avid romance reader and she was so excited that I started doing this. Now she always has new reading material haha.

CJC: Personally speaking, Tyra Banks is one of my biggest idols in the modeling business. She has been able to transcend and create an empire and delve into many different business ventures. Who is a celebrity that you look up to?

LSB: Adriana Lima. She got her start with Victoria’s Secret. Now she does everything from high fashion to fitness. I would love to be that versatile in my modeling career.

CJC: With over 345k Instagram followers, what is the number one question that you get asked on Instagram?

LSB: Well other than the inappropriate and yet hilarious solicitation requests I receive, I get asked a lot about my age and nationality. And since you asked, I’m 23 and I’m Irish.

CJC: I love a good motivational quote, what motivates you?

LSB: “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”
It’s deemed itself truthful on more than one occasion in my life. It’s the kind of quote that I tell myself on a daily basis. I tell that to other people when I give them advise. It’s always true.

CJC: What are your goals for the remainder of the year?

LSB: I want to integrate more fitness into my portfolio. A lot of people were first introduced to me via my lingerie background but that’s not all I do. The reality is I spend most of my time working out and not lounging about in lingerie all day. I want to elaborate on all the facets that comprise who I am.

CJC: Thanks again Lauren for partaking in this feature. It’s always such a pleasure working with you and your talent is limitless. I’m so excited about all of our upcoming projects this year.

See more of our work together here.

Stay connected with Lauren via her Instagram page.

CJC Photography, Lauren Summer model, Florida photographer, book cover photographer, romance book cover photographer

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