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Player On Ice by S.R. Grey

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Top 100 Sports Romance Bestseller

Jaxon Holland is more than a top-scoring center for the Las Vegas Wolves–he’s also the biggest “player” on the team. Women love him, flock to him, lust for his sculpted body.

Yeah, life is good for this hockey player.

Or it was until lately.

After blowing a key play in what may have been the biggest game of the season, the fans sour on Jaxon. Good thing memories are short, right? Uh, they’re not when a widely popular sports blogger, known simply as Mr. Hockeypants, calls Jaxon out and places all the blame for the loss on him.

Life goes from bad to worse, and Jaxon wants to get away.

Good thing one of his teammates has a beautiful, secluded beach house he can escape to. Sand, sun, surf, and lots of alone time sound good to this disgruntled centerman.

Only problem is the beach house is already occupied–by beautiful and spunky Cara Milne.

Cara and Jaxon are off to a rocky start after an extremely awkward first meeting. Yeah, these two pretty much hate each other. But Jaxon, forever a “player” at heart, vows to win his housemate over.

What he doesn’t know is Cara is Mr. Hockeypants! His worst enemy, the bane of his existence!

And she’s determined that he never finds out.

Too bad keeping a secret is more slippery than ice, especially when you start falling in love with the guy you almost destroyed.

Player on Ice is the fifth novel in the bestselling Boys of Winter hockey romance series but can be read as a standalone.

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