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Model Spotlight: David Wills

CJC Photography, David Wills, David Wills fitness model, Florida photographer, book cover photographer, romance book cover photographer1) How did you get your start in modeling?
I had never considered modeling while growing up. My focus had been on pursuing an academic career. While living in Pittsburgh in 2012 and 2 years into my Ph.D. a friend suggested I submit some pictures to a local agency. I knew nothing about the modeling world and initially laughed off the suggestion but eventually decided there would be no warm in submitting and seeing what would happen.

At the same time, I began receiving messages from local photographers on social media who were interested in collaborating with me. This got me curious about the possibilities that could be out there and eventually led to me moving to NYC a few years later to pursue it further.

2) Who or what do you draw inspiration from during a photo shoot?
During a photo shoot I try to be as real as possible and really enter into the character or emotion that I’m trying to portray.

3) What do you enjoy the most about modeling and what do you find to be the most challenging?
What I enjoy the most about modeling are the relationships I’ve been able to make and the opportunities to travel to new places. The most challenging aspect would be trying to keep my abs photo shoot ready year round LOL.

4) How do you stay in such great shape?
The big thing for me is consistency and making it a life style. For me it doesn’t require anything extreme at any given time, but I maintain a consistent gym routine every week and try to be sensible with what I eat every day. But I do allow for the occasional pizza or burger splurge.

5) Do you have any interesting or unique talents?
I can play the guitar and can give a really good massage.

CJC Photography, David Wills, David Wills model, Boston photographer, book cover photographer, romance book cover photographer

6) This industry can be very harsh; how do you deal with criticism?
It’s important to keep a positive mind set and not let others detract from my goals and aspirations. However, I’m always open to constructive criticism from a friend when it’s in good spirts. I always want to grow and improve upon myself.

7) To date, what accomplishment are you most proud of?
I’m most proud of the decisions I’ve made to pursue things I’m passionate about in life and never to settle. The biggest example was a dramatic career change in 2014 where I moved from my hometown in Kentucky to NYC.

CJC Photography, David Wills model, Florida photographer, book cover photographer, romance book cover photographer

8) What are your goals for the remainder of the year?
My goals are to enjoy life, make good memories, progress in photography, strengthen existing relationships and create new ones.  

9) Are there any final thoughts you would like to share with the CJC Photography readers?
One of my biggest messages in general is to value the time that you have. Time is something that you can’t get back so make sure that you use it to pursue the things you want. Build good relationships, make memorable life experiences and give and receive positive energy.

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