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Shifting Shadows by Barb Shuler

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You would think that having the ability to shift into a creature of the night would garner some respect, right? Wrong! At least not for these Guardians.Tiberius and Horacio are Guardians. Shifters that live within the human world, but go unseen by the humans. They stalk the streets, slipping silently through the shadows, watching and waiting to intercede at the first sign of trouble. Humans have no knowledge of their existence as contact between Guardians and Humans is forbidden.It is their most sacred law, established long ago when shifters first came to this world.But even laws that are set in place to save your life can be bent, and when necessary, broken.When Tiberius and Horacio save a human woman, Jasmine, from being attacked by rogue shifters, things change for both worlds. Their actions set in motion a series of events that were foretold many eons ago. Ancient prophecies speak of a union, a life, that will revive the past – a past that many in the supernatural community want to keep buried. But, buried secrets always find a way of coming back to bite us in the ass when we least expect it.When these revelations come to light, Jasmine won’t be the only one in danger anymore.Will they be able to survive the evil heading their way or will the dark forces opposing them destroy all they hold dear?

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