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Happy National Siblings Day!

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For those that don’t know, my sister Alli was one of the first people I ever worked with on a book cover. Our first book cover was in 2014 and since then we have collaborated on 27 projects with one another. I thought it would be really fun to commemorate this event with an exclusive interview.

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1) What has been one of your favorite shoots to date and why?
Alli: I loved shooting when we were on Book Splash in the Bahamas (February 2018). The Blue Lagoon was so amazing, the water was the most gorgeous blue, and it seemed like we had the whole beach to ourselves.
Chris: OMG I agree. That location was gorgeous and it was the perfect day. During that cruise we tried a variety of themes/concepts we haven’t tried before and we captured some of our best work I think.
I would also have to say our trip to Hawaii with our parents (Summer 2016) was one of my favorite locations. In particular, the Volcano National Park was a once in a life time opportunity that I’m glad we were able to capture. We were on a tour bus , and had only 15 minutes at each stop, so as soon as the bus would stop we would run, find a cool spot to shoot, and do what we could in that time frame.
CJC Photography, Florida photographer, book cover photographer, romance book cover photographer(image taken at The Blue Lagoon)


2) Name a photo shoot theme we haven’t done before that you would like to?
Alli: We’ve shot at the beach before but never really when my hair is completely wet and I’m in the water. I think that could be fun!
Chris: Hmmmm we could probably try that in August! 🙂
I would also love to try something completely unexpected. Maybe a rocker theme (something with wild hair and crazy make up). Just something that is 100% unlike what we have ever done before.
CJC Photography, Florida photographer, book cover photographer, romance book cover photographer3) Do you remember your initial reaction when I told you you were going to be on a book cover?
Alli: I remember I was really surprised. It still is crazy to me when I think about it. I have all the books I’ve been on in my living room on a shelf. It’s pretty cool to look through them all.
Chris: I look back over the years and I’m really proud of everything we have accomplished together. It will be so cool to look back on in a decade and say WOW we did this as brother/sister. I don’t think many other siblings can say they’ve been through such unique experiences together as we have.


4) Do you have a signature pose and if so what is it?
Alli: Hmm, I’m not sure about a signature pose, but I definitely tend to favor one side of my face haha.
Chris: You usually put one or two hands up over your head haha with the smize. Tyra would be proud!


5) After a photo shoot, what is your go-to meal?
Alli: When Chris still lived in Boston we’d always go to our favorite sushi place after shooting. The green tea smoothie was my favorite thing ever there. Actually, last time we shot in Florida we got smoothies after too, so maybe smoothies are our new post photo shoot thing! 
Chris: B Cafe in Quincy! I miss that place. The watermelon smoothie was my favorite.
See more of my work with Alli here! If you have any ideas that you would like to see Alli and I do during our next shoot please let me know in the comments.

Once again I would like to truly thank all of the amazing authors, models, designers, and everyone who have supported us while on this journey. We have a lot in the works for the remainder of 2018 and we can’t wait to share it with all of you.

– CJC Photography

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