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Author Spotlight: Maria Vickers

Off Campus Set Up by Maria Vickers, Maria Vickers author, Cody Grigsby model, CJC Photography, Florida photographer, book cover photographer, romance book cover photographer1) For those who loved “By The Book,” what do readers have in store for “The Off-Campus Setup?”

A lot more craziness. This book has a lot more humor than By the Book, but at the same time, it still has that emotional pull that you can find in a lot of my books. I think the chemistry between Levi and Nathan is palpable, and their dynamic is interesting. One is from the country (small town Texas) and the other from the city. They couldn’t be more opposite, and yet, they also have a lot in common. I loved writing about them, but I did put them through the ringer a time or two, and there are a couple of twists and turns in this book. However, be prepared because there is one side character that everyone seems to love. Mavis is Nathan’s grandmother and she is a schemer…plus, her fashion sense is very out there. Like with By the Book, my muses appear on the cover and I think that enhances the story because you could easily picture Cody and Connor as Levi and Nathan.

2) How would you describe the main characters in this novel in 5 words or less?

Strong-willed, determined, fun, naïve, and sexy.

3) Since you began your writing career you have delved into a variety of genres. What made you want to start writing M/M? 

I love the genre. Yaoi is one of my favorite manga/anime genres and it crossed over into reading MM novels. It had been something I’d toyed with in my fanfiction or in secret, but never attempted in my novels. And then I saw the pic with Connor and Tank, and I knew I had to write the story that went with the picture. On some levels, I think it’s actually easier for me to write than M/F. The words flow and I enjoy delving into M/M relationships in my writing.

4) Why did you select this image of Cody and Connor as your cover?

I had a dream. Seriously, I did. I dreamt of two scenes, which both made it into the book, and it had to be Cody and Connor because they were the two I saw and it was this particular picture that I saw for the cover. I was lucky that it was still available. LOL.

5) Are you attending any author events this year and if so which ones? 

Yes, I’m doing more this year than I’ve done in the past. I’ll be at Kinky in KC (KIKC), Booking in Biloxi, SaSS, Ignite Your Soul Author Event, Romance on the Lake, and Wanderlust in Vegas.

6) What are your goals for the remainder of 2018? 

I’m organizing a charity anthology that will benefit Cancer Research Institute. It is titled Tempting Fate and will be out on 6/1. We’ve been blessed because the stories are amazing, the lineup is fierce, and CJC and David Wills donated the pic for the cover, and David is the cover model. In addition to that, I have two more anthologies I’m contributing stories to and I am also publishing at least two more books. One will be a sequel to By the Book and the other will be my third book for my Love Seekers Series. For those who didn’t know, yes, By the Book will have a sequel and a side story. The book ends without a cliffhanger, but since my readers loved the characters so much, and the characters are still talking, begging for more of their story to be told, I decided to write more. Not only will Josh and Sam get another story, but everyone will also be able to read about Josh’s friend, Jacob.

Make sure to pick up your copy of “The Off-Campus Setup” here! 

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