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S.R. Grey – The Boys of Winter Series

Boys of Winter series by S.R. Grey

S.R. Grey recently revealed the cover of book 4 in the Boys of Winter Series – Caution On Ice.

If you had to describe this series in 5 words or less, what would it be? 

Fun hockey series with heart! 

For those who have read books 1-3, what can they expect to find in the latest installment? 

Caution on Ice promises more fun and silliness, but with a strong message of finding peace through love. Readers of the previous books will remember Dylan as a more serious guy, but he shows a really fun side in this one. 

What made you select Burton Hughes as your cover model?

As soon as I came across the photo, I knew Burton was Dylan! 

Will more books be added to the series or will the 4th be the last?

There will be more, for sure! I’m working on the next installment, Player on Ice, already, which is Jaxon’s story. I also have a Brent and Aubrey wedding novella in the works! 

What made you pick hockey as your sport theme and would you write any other sports series in the future?

I love hockey so writing about it comes naturally. I also am into football and there just may be a football series in the works too. Shhh! 

A special thank-you to S.R. for not only working with me on the covers for this series for just being an all around amazing person.

If you’re new to the Boys of Winter the rest of the series are available here:

Destiny On Ice
Resistance On Ice
Complications On Ice 

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On Friday, January 12th 2018 at 11:11 am, S.R. Grey said:

Thank you!!!

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