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Playing It Safe by Lisa B. Kamps

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Aaron Malone knows one thing: hockey. It’s been his calling and his salvation, seeing him through life’s challenges–from a marriage that should have never happened and a divorce that left him gutted, to the loss of his two daughters when his ex-wife moved out of state. When a tragic accident forces him back into the role of fatherhood, he struggles to be the father his daughters need–even if he’s not the parent they want. Savannah Weber has everything she wants in life: a successful career, an energetic social life, and a sexy, brooding neighbor who has a recurring part in her nighttime fantasies. What she’s never had is a family of her own–and she’s convinced herself she doesn’t want one. When she sees Aaron struggling to balance life with his daughters, she finds herself being drawn in to help–against the wishes of the two young girls. They say that two is company and three is a crowd. Can these four come together to make a family and live happily-ever-after? Only if this single dad learns how to take a chance instead of playing it safe.

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