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Complications On Ice by S.R. Grey

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Top 100 Sports Romance Bestseller

Fun-loving professional hockey player Benjamin “Benny” Perry is all about scoring, both on and off the ice. With his good looks and easygoing personality, women flock to him, which is great. It keeps things the way this Las Vegas Wolves forward likes–uncomplicated.

Too bad that’s all about to change.

When Benny decides to get back at his coach by pursuing his daughter, Eliza, who’s just returned to town under mysterious circumstances, complications abound. What begins as a simple conquest becomes anything but when Benny starts to really fall for Eliza.

But something is up.

Though Eliza seems to be as into him as he is to her, Benny senses she’s hiding something.

Or maybe she’s hiding someone.

Benny would never guess Eliza is hiding a baby–her baby. But it doesn’t end there. The father of her child just happens to be a hockey player too. And he’s Benny’s biggest nemesis.

Now he’s joining the team. Talk about complicated!

Complications on Ice is the third novel in the bestselling Boys of Winter hockey romance series but can be read as a standalone.

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