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Abounding Love by Fiona Tulle

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(Note to Reader: Not your typical contemporary romance. No naughty bits but a memoir style narrative of a deep life changing love.)

“I, Brad Carson, take you, Lily Cunningham, for eternity. My love for you is eternal and will always be.”

Two people, destined to be together, even as teenagers.

“I promise to give all of myself. I promise to commit to pursue our common goals and dreams together.”

Through the struggles of college, and then the Army, who needed him too.

“I promise to protect you, honor you, and be faithful, always, through sickness and in health.”

Then the unthinkable happens, and puts their love to the ultimate test.

“May our abounding love serve as an example to the world, that we are forever committed and forever bonded. I love you now, I love you always, and I will love you forever.”

But when you’re soulmates, love can withstand anything.

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