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Race To My Heart by Abby P. Cook

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Race To My Heart


Three years ago, I had a paintbrush in my hand, before my life came to a screeching halt. A family to love me. A family for me to love. The life people dream of. I try to hold on, I try to be strong. Now I hold a tattoo gun and have been coasting through each day. Until Collin came crashing through.


My uncle always said that the love of a woman was the same as the love of a car. Take care of her and she’ll never leave you stranded. I thought no woman would ever reach that bar… Until Danni. I try to be her reason, try to ease her pain. All she has to do is hold on and I’ll help her find her way.
Now we have to learn to let go, take each turn as they come instead of drifting. Can we make it? Or will life leave us totaled?

18+ Due to Adult Content

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