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Lucky Strike by MJ Nightingale

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Eve Sassacus loves the night life. Sometimes more than she should. Music, dancing, drinking, and partying are more than just sport for her. It’s her livelihood as well. As entertainment director for the casino, it’s her job to bring in the best talent to Mystic Nights. She’ll do anything to bring the sexiest rocker she’s ever seen and heard to Lantern Hill. Anything.

Lucas Stryker is the hottest and most in demand up-and-coming rocker in the northeast. Knowing his music and his band is about to explode, when Eve Sassacus tells him she’ll do anything to have him come play for her, he is tempted to find out just how far she is willing to go. From the moment he sees this beauty, he knows how far he wants to go.

Eve fears she has made a deal with the devil when she becomes involved with her new headliner. And the more he pursues her, the more things begin to go wrong. Determined to find out the truth, Eve is led on a twisted and dangerous journey in the behind the scenes music industry. Can she survive it? Can her heart survive it?

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