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Triple Diamonds by MJ Nightingale

Triple Diamonds by MJ Nightingale, CJC Photography, Boston, book cover photographer, romance novel

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Mystic Nights Casino is the newest gambling hot spot to hit Lantern Hill, and Tawny Sassacus runs it. For her people, the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation, she is determined to make it a success despite trouble with politicians, and a rival tribal nation. With the help of her children, she is determined to fight for what is right. Joseph Sassacus, corporate attorney for his reservation’s casino, would rather be fighting for justice for his people, but the casino sucks him in time and time again. A dark haired beauty with almond eyes might be able to alleviate some of the stress he is feeling. He can’t help but imagine doing things to her he shouldn’t, but her allure keeps him coming back for more. A life altering tragedy prevents Jewel Diamante from pursuing her dreams of her own restaurant. She finds herself doing things she never thought she would have to do. She has no time to pursue her own ambitions, let alone Joseph Sassacus. But the man with the sexy smile, and electric touch, has her pulse pounding and her senses reeling. A rash of robberies at the casino, an increasing drug problem on the reserve, and Jewel Diamante will test Joseph’s loyalties when the three collide. With all the signs pointing to her, will he risk his family, people, and ambition? Is his ‘diamond’ the real deal? If he goes with his gut, gambles and wins, he just might hit the jackpot, but he could also lose it all.

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