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Lincoln by Susan Fisher-Davis

Lincoln by Susan Fisher-Davis, Chris Boutot, CJC Photography, book cover photographer, romance novel

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A second chance at the girl of his dreams…but can she truly be his?
Lincoln Cole has dreamed of one woman for what seemed like forever, the one who’d rejected him. Now she is back, and although engaged to another man, he hasn’t given up hope of winning her for his own.
Veronica Bailey is the new veterinarian in town. One of her first patients is a horse in the care of Lincoln Cole, the man she’d wanted, but was too scared to say yes to, only now he looked better than ever. Engaged to a man who wanted to stifle her, she felt alive with Lincoln. Throwing caution to the wind, she does what she wants, not what she should.
Insecurities, fears, and the wrong person putting ideas into Veronica’s head leaves Lincoln thinking he’s lost her forever—abandoned by the woman he loves, again.

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