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Sinning To Win by Danica Avet

CJC Photography, Boston, Sinning to Win, Danica Avet

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When Duson “Deuce” Gaudet came into Devon Guillory’s life, he upset the careful balance she maintained with her abusive husband and threw her directly into a scandal that rocked the town of Grand Terre. A year later, newly divorced and starting over, she seeks protection from Deuce and finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of uncertainty and desire. The investigator is strong, caring and as sexy as sin, just the kind of temptation Devon isn’t looking for and definitely doesn’t need.

Deuce has always been a gambler, a risk taker, and from the moment he saw Devon he wanted her but knew she’d need time to get over the horror of her past before she’d be ready to consider another relationship. When a stalker targets Devon and her son and she turns to him for help, Deuce knows Lady Luck is on his side. This time Deuce isn’t keeping his distance. Instead he’s pulling every sensual trick he has out his sleeve, willing to sin in every sexy way he can to win this high stakes game of love.

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