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Actor+Model Spotlight – John Charles Dickson

johndickson2Actor/Model Spotlight: John Charles Dickson

John Charles Dickson grew up in Arkansas as a small town farm boy which has been in his family for over 100 years. He started his own landscaping business in 2008 and by 2012 had 75 accounts including: (schools, churches, restaurants, and residential homes).  He left that all behind in order to pursue his goal of becoming a successful model and actor. Get to know John with this exclusive interview.

Published Work/Filmography:
2 book covers by Sara York
Intense Magazine (January 2013)
Ms. Universe feature for Men’s wear
Harley Davidson
Irving Texas Men’s Wearhouse
work with a local Dallas wedding dress designer
Vasaelini bag company
Vogue website
The Verandah gym at Dallas Hilton Anatole
Male lead in the Texas short film Blush
speaking role in Man on the Roof
imdb movie Stay at Home Dad
played the lead in two commercials

1) How did you get started in modeling and acting?
In February of 2012 I shot with numerous photographers in New York and in 2013 I walked in fashion week  (Yirko and Gadal, Oscar Firerra, James B. Martinez). I began acting school in March 2012 and started working with the brilliant Theresa Bell!
I love acting because I get to play a variety of characters that aren’t actually who I really am.
With modeling it’s a challenge to stay in peak physical condition. True pictures change people’s lives. The goal is to make consumers want to buy the product you are depicting in the photos you are in.

2) Dream acting role?
To be in 007!!! I want to be a part of projects that move people and in some way make them better people.

3) What actors do you look up to?
Sylvester Stallone and Will Smith.

4) Who would be your dream co-star?
Julia Roberts.

5) What hurdles have you overcome to reach your goals?
My age/height/weight doesn’t fit what agents want. I had lived in a state that had zero acting or modeling opportunities and I pretty much had no support from my family. I had three businesses at the time and I had to close two of them. When I arrived in Dallas I had no friends and I was basically homeless.


 6) What are your favorite physical features?
My abs.

7) Favorite motto?
Don’t dream, set a goal!

8) What was the last spontaneous thing that you did?
I left my very successful job at home to become a model and actor and I’ve been able to travel all over the United States.

9) In one word how would you describe yourself?

10) Tell me something that most people don’t know about you?
I’m actually very shy.

11) Goals for 2013?
My goals are to finish the imdb rated movie I co-star in called Stay at Home Dads and continue to get other filming projects as well as more modeling work. Eventually I would like to move to LA.

12) Any final thoughts you would like to share with the CJC Photography readers?

Check me out in Low Rider Magazine which will be released in Texas in 2014. Facebook is for positivity that’s why there’s a like button but no dislike button !!!

Check me out on You Tube:

I wish John continued success throughout 2013 and I hope to work with him soon!

– CJC Photography

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