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Fitness Spotlight – Jeremiah Towery

Fitness Spotlight: Jeremiah Towery

Jeremiah Towery, 32 is a personal trainer from Racine, Wisconsin (just south of Milwaukee & just north of Chicago). He loves training for himself and also assisting his clients reach their full potential and fitness goals! 

1) What first got you interested in fitness and how has your passion grown?

 I’ve always loved sports! Growing up that’s all I would do. I would play baseball, basketball, and football. If I wasn’t playing outside, I was getting yelled at for throwing the ball in the house. With sports, I always wanted to be the best so I got into the gym and loved the challenge.

2) What hurdles have you overcome while reaching towards your fitness goals?

Mentally coping with letting the time I wasted go!

3) What advice would you give to someone looking to get in shape?

I highly recommend taking time doing some research or hiring a professional to help you assess and assist in finding the best way to reach your goals! I work in a gym and it boggles my mind how many people keep coming year after year always looking the same! They don’t want to spend time researching or money on a great trainer, but they’ll waste year after year. TIME is priceless to me!

4) What’s something most people don’t know about you?

That I rarely do abs lol.

5) How would your friends describe you?

Always taking forever lol…. intense, opinionated, loyal, and lately inspirational.

6) What are your favorite physical features?

My abs? I say maybe because I feel it overshadows the rest of my body I work so hard on. To think I rarely do abs, and yet that’s usually what people compliment me on.

7) If you could travel anywhere where would you go?

I’d really like to go to Australia first.

8) Any unique talents?

I can tuck my ear into my ear…….. their huge lol.

9) What goals do you hope to accomplish this year?

I achieved my first goal last night. I’m now a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist through NASM. My next goal is to start a Brand for competition board shorts and fitness attire! Then I would like to get certified as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. After that I want to create my website with instructional, educational, motivational videos, and blogs, where I can offer services globally to assist in fitness related goals for people!

10) Any final thoughts to the CJC Photography readers?

Don’t let life deal your slate, create the one you want! Go #make it happen !!! Settling in life, letting the negative or shortcomings have any power is time wasted! And to me nothings more precious than our TIME!!!

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