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Actor Spotlight: Davian James

Actor Spotlight: Davian James

While visiting Arizona I had the privilege of working with model/actor Davian James.

He is 26 years old and born and raised in Arizona. Currently, he is working on a few film projects, modeling for a few production companies, and is an IT Specialist for a casino enterprise. Incredibly involved with technology and music ,he has never come across something he loved as much as acting/modeling.

1) How did you get started in modeling and acting?

When I dedicated about two years straight in the gym I decided to pursue the possibility of modeling after a few suggestions from friends. I got started off working with various photographers building a base portfolio, and then moved on to work with a casting agency that got a hold of me after coming across one of my pictures. The casting call’s were not just for modeling so I figured why not submit for some acting ones. After a few months of extra work I was able to land a speaking role in a feature film adaptation that will be in film festivals in 2013. The experience of audition to wrap was so much fun that I decided that acting needed to be my main focus. Nothing feels better than being involved in a production with so many talented people, all happy, all having a good time doing what they love to do. The energy on set is amazing.

2) To date, what piece of work are you proudest of?

To date I’m most proud of my work in the Indie Film “Where Dell Went”. The characteristics I created for my role in that film were very tricky and challenged every part of my acting skills. Stepping into the role of a violent sociopath while translating the right expressions on camera isn’t easy.

3) What advice would you have for someone looking to get into modeling or acting?

Anyone looking to get into modeling or acting can always start out on Model Mayhem to get a base idea of whether or not it’s for them. Aside from that you want to talk to anyone you can on every production because you never know who you might meet that could have a job for you later on down the road.

4) Anything weird or out of the ordinary ever happen on set?

The weirdest thing I’ve had to deal with was a green screen production I did. Interacting with things/people that aren’t really there isn’t as easy as you would think, and it makes you feel just a little crazier than you could ever assume you were.

5) If you could have any co star who it be and why?

I like the eccentric actors, such as Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken, Robert Downey Jr., and of course Johnny Depp. However, I’m pretty sure if I ever worked with them I would be their co-star and not the other way around.

6)What would be your dream role?

Definitely either a super-hero or a super-villain. I would probably be cast as the villain since I seem to always come off with that look. Either way who wouldn’t want to play one of those with the production value of comic book based movies these days?

7) Any final thoughts for the CJC Photography readers?

One thing that I can say that can apply to everyone, is do what makes you happy in life. If you do good and follow your goals, good will always come back to you. Your goals will start becoming accomplished at the right time they are meant to. Life wants everyone to succeed, but it’s up to the individual to be what they deserve to be.

To view more of Davian’s work visit his model mayhem profile here.

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