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4 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Visibility

By: Social Media Examiner

1) Train Your Audience to Watch for Your Content – When you are delivering good content, interacting and building a community, your fans will come to your page on their own when they haven’t seen your posts. Be consistent with your posts (i.e., posting every day at 10 am, for example). Then your fans will know when they are missing something and come seek you out.
2) Educate Your Audience to Highlight Your Stories in their News Feed – When a story has been highlighted, there is a little blue triangle in the upper-left corner of the story. Facebook typically chooses which stories to highlight based on past interactions, so getting more engagement (post likes, comments and shares) can also help indicate to Facebook that your page posts are important to a user.
3) Tell Your Audience to Create a Favorite Pages List – A way to ensure that people always see your posts is to have your fans put your page on a special “favorite pages” list.
4) Leverage the Facebook Subscribe Button

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