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Elements of Taking Head Shots

Hello All,

I’m doing an upcoming head shot shoot and I wanted to share with you all what tips I learned in order to get the perfect shot.

–         The purpose of a head shot is to get noticed by agents and the way to do that is to use your personality and to make sure it stands out.

–         You have to make sure that you look like your headshot in person when you go on auditions.

–         Make sure to wear simple clothing, solid colors, and no prints. You want to stand out in the photo and not what you’re wearing, it shouldn’t distract from your face.

–         Your photo should spark agent’s attention that you can transform into any role and look, a blank pallet.

–         Remember that your selling your personality and your look, don’t overdue the makeup and show a lot of skin.

–         It’s all in the EYES! You need to connect with viewers.

–         Do you want to do commercial or theatrical work? Commercial: warm, friendly, smiley expression. Theatrical: serious expression

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