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Shooting with Chris was one of the most smooth and energetic shoots I have done so far in my modeling career. He has an amazing creative edge that has clearly been seen within his many book covers. I am excited to see where his talent will take him in the near future. I would recommend any level of model to work with Chris!

December 10, 2016: Eric TenBrink

Chris and I had been talking about shooting together for over 5 years. Finally it happened! He was very professional and his photos were on point. Ive got nothing but great response from our work together. I hope to shoot with him again in the near future. I recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer.

November 3, 2016: Robbie gambrell

I would like to start by saying that Chris has most definitely made a tremendous impact on my modeling career. I have shot a couple times with CJC and every single time we get better and better. Most comfortable, relaxing and unique photo shoot i have experienced in my career. We’ve become great friends through the industry and i can honestly say its been a pleasure! Great quality work, perfect director while shooting, and very versatile with ideas during shoots. Makes for one hell of a photographer and i would recommend him to everybody i know! It was a blessing to meet him, he helped me more than he knows! Thanks Chris!!


November 2, 2016: Bryan T. Snell

Chris is awesome to work with and great with the post shoot experience as well. Edits were in record time and I loved them. 😜👍🏼

November 2, 2016: TankJoey

I met Chris for the first time while he was in Tampa this year. We scheduled to meet and shoot for the first time on the same day. Before he came down we developed a good relationship through social media and I was certain he was an all around great person. Despite the harsh conditions we experienced during the shoot, Chris found a way to make it work and produce some amazing footage. I can’t wait to shoot with Chris again next year.

May 10, 2016: Ryan

CJC photography is always my go to for amazing photos! I have worked with Chris on multiple occasions for stock photos. Together we have created a multitude of different published work that varies from book covers to magazine publications. Not only is Chris one of the kindest, most caring individuals I know but he is also incredibly creative, comforting and not to mention hilarious. Chris makes sure that every one of his clients has complete creative freedom and is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they receive the shots they are looking for. I know that big things will happen for Chris in his future career and I am blessed to have gotten the chance to work with such an incredible photographer.

January 23, 2016: Rachael baltes

I first talked to Chris about shooting years ago. So our first shoot was years in the making, you could say. But, man, it didn’t take long after that first shoot for us to shoot again. What can I say? The shots are some of the best I’ve ever had. From the headshot’s I can hand to casting directors to the super-‘modely’ underwear photos. My only regret is that we didn’t shoot sooner! Chris’ biggest strength is making a lot out of nothing. Whether it’s a plain black backdrop in his house or some stone steps at an old mossy outdoor theater. Your shots with Chris are always going to be of the first you show to anyone.

January 23, 2016: Stephen Cwiok

From the first time I had met Chris, he was a very positive, nice, fun guy to work with. There was not a time during which we shot, where I felt uncomfortable. The more I got to know Chris, the closer we had even become as friends. He is a really good guy who happens to also be an incredible photographer. While aiming to develop new heights in my modeling career, I hope Chris is a part of every step I take and only continues to grow and expand his work to which I already find so amazing. I recommend any person to not hesitate working with him.

January 12, 2016: Gordon James

Chris came down to stay with me he was such a fun person to chill with and the shots we got together were absolutely phenomenal we got 4 book covers out of the one shoot. Would I work with him again? In a heartbeat!
Thanks Chris

January 9, 2016: Paul Blake

Chris and I have known each other for quite a long time now. He was an emerging and aspiring photographer out of Boston and I was out of Florida. We set up a shoot in Miami and the rest is history.

We have shot numerous times in different cities and have 8 covers together so far. I have even shot him as a model for a cover. We have built a greatly successful business relationship and I think we are just

At times like these, words don’t do justice to what the mind thinks about someone. However, I will try to make the two match as close as possible.

I am a firm believer that success goes much passed that of awards and monetary gain. A great portion of success relies on the character of the one has embarked on the journey. Christopher embodies the essence of a humble yet confident person who is motivated to do what it takes to become great while staying true to himself and his values. His mind is sound and his actions do the talking. He is one the hardest workers I have seen in a long time. The effort he puts into honing all of his skills and even getting out of the comfort zone to acquire new ones is a sight to be seen. He is a force to be reckoned with. I have no doubt in my mind that he can accomplish anything he wants to do.

I am really proud of what we have accomplished so far and it only makes me that much more excited to see what even greater things we can do in the future.

December 6, 2015: Assad Shalhoub

I’m a firm believer that everybody comes into your life for a reason whether that reason has meaning behind it, or whether it is simply by chance. If it wasn’t for my older brother (David Santa Lucia) for heavily convincing me to participate in his photoshoot, then I would’ve never had the opportunity to shoot with Chris. I had absolutely no idea I even wanted to become a model until I realized how adept Chris was at capturing the perfect images. Right off the bat, Chris emitted a strong sense of friendliness and gave off an intuitive persona where he gave me the impression that he was an expert when it comes to capturing high quality images. Lets just say whoever Chris shoots with is well-taken care of. It is a privilege to shoot with Chris because his images are superb and are as professional as it gets. He supports anyone he works with and makes a genuine effort to stay apart of their lives. Once you’re done shooting with him it simply isn’t the end, but rather just the beginning. I keep in contact with Chris almost on a daily basis and the positivity that surrounds him is boundless. I am more than happy to say that I am extremely blessed to have experienced my first photoshoot with such a great photographer, who works very hard and is persistent with the work that he does.

October 15, 2015: Joey Santa Lucia

I had an awesome experience shooting with Chris. He was professional and at the same time a fun person to work with. He is an extremely talented photographer and I plan on shooting with him again soon!

October 12, 2015: Jake Hunter

You’ll meet a lot of people out there in the world and consciously or subconsciously file them into different categories – let me help you… make sure you hang onto Chris.

I met Chris a few years ago while living in the Northeast, and we never had the opportunity to work together directly until very recently in Miami. I had moved south and Chris just happened to be in town and booking up his schedule rapidly with shoots, and we were able to connect and see if we couldn’t get something to come together.

I was a little hesitant at first, not due to anything other than my own having taken a long time away from being in front of a camera, but damn, we were both a little surprised! With many photographers, I feel like it takes a shoot or two to warm up, but not with Chris. He’s a super kind guy, very genuine, and he has the eye for a viewfinder and the success to prove it.

Together we locked down a book cover, pending release (as of 10/12/15) and a few AWESOME portraits to hold highlight spots in our portfolios.

If you have the opportunity to do so, definitely get into this guy’s light. 😀

October 12, 2015: Garrett Finn

I shot with Chris for the second time this summer and all I can say is I can’t wait for round 3 . Chris is very friendly and easy to shoot with . He always creates the best images making whoever is lucky enough to be in his lenses look amazing . He is a very talented photographer in my eyes and I really enjoy working with him . He also supports his models in their lives without asking anything in return . He isn’t just a photographer, but a great friend who will support everyone he meets . I’m very thankful for working with him and for all the support he’s given me .

October 12, 2015: Chris boutot

I am so grateful to have been able to work with Chris when he visited Miami, FL. He is so easy and fun to work with. In the end that’s the true recipe for great photos. After two shoots we’ve landed multiple book covers. His work just keeps getting better and better. I love it!! I can’t wait to shoot with him again!!

October 12, 2015: Eric Claussen

I met Chris at an event in NYC this year and shot with him for the first time, he was very easy and nice to work with, we got some great shots together and a couple future covers to come, thanks man. Looking for to next time .

August 12, 2015: Lance Jones

Chris was very easy to work with, there was never any pressure to get the perfect shot, the perfect shot would just happen. Although he likes to have fun, it is in the most professional nature, he was always asking for collaboration from me as well which provided for a much more creative atmosphere between the two of us! I can’t wait to work with him again!

May 26, 2015: Paul Calafiore

I am an author who has used CJC Photography for two book covers now. Christopher is not only a great photographer but an awesome person. If you are looking for high quality, amazing images, from a professional as well as a genuinely nice individual, then you’ve found the right person by choosing Christopher. I look forward to a long author/photographer relationship with CJC.

May 21, 2015: Michelle Iannarelli

I think the first time I talked to Chris was through model mayhem a couple years ago. We had always talked about shooting and we just never could find the right time to make it happen. Finally this past winter we were got to meet up in NYC. I truly enjoyed my time shooting with him. He’s definitely one of the most friendly and easy going photographers I’ve shot with. His photography speaks for itself as he continues to land book cover after book cover. He even was able to hook me up with a book cover job, which we shot in New York and turned out awesome.

May 21, 2015: Derek Poole

Chris was a true pro! We had an efficient photo shoot and he kept the mood relaxed and calm. Definitely will be shooting again in the future!

January 20, 2015: Tanner Chidester

Chris was amazing to work with. Very respectful and mindful of both what I wanted the images to look like and what the potential for the should could be. He had great ideas, and all the images that I got back were beyond my expectation. He is a true professional. Would definitely work with Chris again!

January 7, 2015: Brad Bransom

Chris was great to work with! He was very easy going, but still focused on great images. I was very comfortable shooting anything he had in mind. He had great ideas. I would definitely love to work with him again and recommend him to other models and anyone who needs a photographer! I hope to see you on set again, Chris!

December 15, 2014: Chris Nogiec

I had such a blast working with Chris. He was very easygoing and a joy to work with. Made things simple and produced great images. I highly recommend him and look forward to keeping up with his blossoming career!

November 10, 2014: Hannah

Chris is a true pleasure to work with as he is efficient, creative, and prompt. Three traits I absolutely seek when hiring vendors and/or resources for my custom invitation and event planning business. I first hired Chris in 2012 to do a photo shoot of my custom invitations and stationery for my future website launch. I was more than overjoyed with the photos he captured. Chris can do it all — from inanimate object to model! My business’ website will officially be launched in September 2014, and I have Chris to thank as a fellow entrepreneur, friend, and creative for inspiring me to never give up on my dreams and talent. I unequivocally offer my highest recommendation for Chris and CJC Photography. We will continue to do business for years to come!

August 6, 2014: Vy Vy Vo

Chris has been incredible to work with! Having never met before our shoot, he made me feel comfortable and we could easily converse. His work and creativity has led me to getting some great exposure from Boston to NY, online and in magazine. I definitely look forward to working with Chris again!

July 23, 2014: Jessica Wayashe

Chris is not only a fantastic photographer, but he is also one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with! During my shoot with Chris , he made me feel comfortable and relaxed which you don’t always get from other photographers. The shots he took of me just blew me away and I cannot wait to shoot with him again!!

July 22, 2014: Mark Boles

We really enjoyed working with Chris and are extremely happy with our engagement pictures. Chris made the process so easy and gave us the flexibility to choose the locations and poses where we felt most comfortable. As two “camera shy” people, Chris ensured that the entire photo shoot felt so natural and effortless that we barely even noticed the camera. All of our family and friends were excited to receive our pictures as gifts and we look forward to working with Chris again in the future.

February 1, 2014: Kat & B.J.

Well I never had any prior modeling experiences but Chris made it very easy to work with and was a very personal guy. Did some very professional pictures that shocked me on how they came out! Great person with some awesome talent!!

January 12, 2014: Alex

It was a true pleasure working with Chris. I’m fairly new to the modeling world and he has taken time out of his day to help me to promote myself and push me toward bigger and better things. I truly look forward to working with him again and I would recommend him to anyone looking to work with a photographer of a higher caliber. Great photographer and a truly great guy.

February 13, 2013: Justin Marcoccio

Working with Chris was a real pleasure! He was both professional and creative and we came out with some amazing shots!

February 12, 2013: Alex Li

Really enjoyed working with Chris. He was professional and had some very creative ideas.

January 18, 2013: M Duncan

Chris is one of the up in coming photographers in the industry. He will be a Mike Ruiz or a Luis Rafael in no time. If you want stunning images hit this guy up. Top notch, very professional and a hell of a guy to boot! Thanks for the great photos Chris. Hope to see you soon!

December 21, 2012: Joe Troisi

I’ve worked with Chris, and he is fun, professional and prompt. From our one shoot, he got the photos published in MuscleSport Magazine and the Next Level Magazine. I recommend working with Chris!

November 8, 2012: Nicole Ferreira

I have been doing shoots with Chris for the past year and he is a pleasure to work with. I feel very comfortable and can be myself the whole time. He is professional and we collaborate very well. His willingness to try new ideas and experiment is exciting and produced our nighttime pool shoot and Harley motorcycle shoot. I have been published in several magazines which I credit Chris for much of, including the cover of Smokescreen Magazine, and features in Next Level Magazine and Always Therro Magazine. He is motivated and is willing to work with your schedule. He recently did a senior picture session with my brother, within the circumstances I believe the pictures came out great! Chris made my dreams a reality using his professional and interpersonal skills. I would definitely recommend him as your next photographer!

November 7, 2012: Ashley Kelly

Chris is a wonderful person, very easy to get along with, when hes behind the camera he creates remarkable and unreplaceable images. I have worked with many photographers and he is beyond the best, he goes the extra mile to help a person, as long as the model is motivated, he is motivated; which is hard to find. Beyond a photographer; Chris has became a good friend of mine and I recommend anyone who wants to get into modeling to work with him.

November 7, 2012: Steve gomes

I’ve worked with Chris on numerous shoots. His enthusiasm and creativity make him so easy and enjoyable to work with. He always welcomes my input and we work really well together in collaborating ideas. He has gotten me published in a variety of fashion magazines and I always love the end product he creates. Check out his work- it’s all amazing!

September 27, 2012: Alli Correia

shooting with chris was very professional and fun! i would advise other models to shoot with him for sure, great guy! wonderful port, posititve energy.

September 3, 2012: sean ferguson

i have done many shoots and modeling is a passion of mine, And when i say Chris is one of the best most professional photographers i have ever worked with i am not even a little bit short with the truth, first time meeting him and right away we shared laughs, makes you feel very comfortable and respected. i highly recommend anyone who is a pro in the modeling industry or who is just started out to work with Chris ! Before our shoot was over we were already planning another one, yes i can not wait to work with him again, Great photographer who puts passion into his work with also nothing short on giving the model everything they need to better themselves, Thank you Chris.

June 10, 2012: Brian Edward Laferriere

I’ve recently worked with Chris for the very first time without meeting him prior to our shoot. Chris was professional, friendly & creative. Easily meshed well with him and our pictures just go to show what can happen when youve got 2 minds on the same page. Can’t wait for the next shoot!

June 6, 2012: Adam Rose

We used Chris over the summer for our family pictures with our then 7 month old son. Chris was professional and energetic. He was able to capture some great shots and even made sure he caught our baby smiling! We couldn’t be happier with the pictures we ended up with and we will certainly be looking to Chris for future family photo sessions!

December 20, 2011: Kerri Theriault

Received our family photos from Chris today and could not be happier ! Chris was excellent to work with – professional, great sense of humor and very patient!

Would highly recommend his services for anyone looking for a photographer. My only problem now will be choosing what to frame for our mantel !

December 19, 2011: Erin Kennedy

Chris has been a part of some huge milestones of my life and has captured each one of them perfectly. I have been able to enjoy and relax each one of my special days (maternity shoot, baby shower, newborn shoot, son’s first birthday) without having to miss one single moment. We started out as dear friends and now I admire him as an artist and hardworking professional. He will make each client feel comfortable and at ease and I promise you, you will be pleased with your beautiful photos!

December 13, 2011: Kelli Marie Ahearn

Photographing with Chris was SUCH a great time! Thanks so much for everything! Chris does an amazing job, is extremely professional, and fun to work with! I thought almost two hours with a five year old, a nine month old, and a five month old would get the best of him… But the hours were full of laughs! Chris truly knows how to make everyone feel comfortable — and anxious people like myself are quickly satisfied with “sneak peaks” within 48 hours! I said it before, and I’ll say it again – HIGHLY recommended! I absolutely will be keeping in-touch for all my photography needs! My expectations were far exceeded – an my wallet, still very fat!

December 13, 2011: Stephanie Tower

“Christopher’s photography is some of the best I have seen! He is always professional and brings a great personality & attitude to the table. I highly recommend Christopher as your photographer if you are truly looking for great pictures”.

December 13, 2011: John Quinlan

I recently did a shoot with Chris and enjoyed working with him. I felt comfortable working and conversing with him. I would certainly refer him to others and plan on working together again for additional projects

December 12, 2011: Taylor West

Chris’ positive energy, upbeat personality, and charismatic presence is reflected in the photographs he takes. Please take the time to look through his portfolio and you, too, will see the inspiring vision from this young photographer.

December 11, 2011: Luis E. Gonzalez

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