Sec Royalty Agreements

Data frequency: event control; Registrations shall be added at the time of submission of a royalty, including, but not limited to, all interests and rights which are known as labour interests, royalties, overriding royalties, royalties, production rights, profit shares, net interest, net turnover interest, economic interest and other shares, fractions or fractions, known in any of the above property rights. emphyteutic lease or other interests in and in petroleum products, to the extent that such interest applies to Royalty Lands and leases; To ensure that the data can be used quantitatively, RoyaltyStat extracts and standardizes a large number of key elements from raw royalty information, including exclusivity, territory, royalty rate (i.e. percentage of the licensee`s net turnover) and duration (i.e.: The number of years a license is effective). In addition to these key areas, RoyaltyStat also offers valuable flags for determining whether a patent is involved in the agreement or whether there is an agreement between related parties. For those for whom a patent or patent has been awarded, the patent number is also included. With more than 20 years of experience, RoyaltyStat is a comprehensive, current and reliable source of royalties in the market, covering more than 40 sectors, more than 100 countries and covering a large number of types of intellectual property such as copyright, know-how, patents, software, technology, trademarks and trade names. RoyaltyStat`s main source of licensing agreements is the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). Since mid-August 1996, they have analyzed and ranked more than 16.5 million SEC exposures, from which more than 15,500 non-legal licensing agreements have been identified. While the primary source of royalties provided by RoyaltyStat is the exhibition submitted to the SEC, the database also contains more than 3,800 license agreements from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) applications.

This FOIA corpus is a key benefit of the dataset, since these requirements are executed by RoyaltyStat. The RoyaltyStat royalty database contains a large corpus of publicly available conservative licensing agreements, from which they provide non-traditional MONETARY AND VALUE-ADDED INFORMATION from the SEC, such as. B the name of the licensor and licensee, applicable royalties, exclusive or non-exclusive attributes, the duration of the license and a structured field (summary) relating to the intellectual property or licensed mineral rights. the Agreement, in it, in it, as well as other similar expressions, refer to this Agreement, including the recitals in this Agreement, and not to a specific Article, Section, Subsection or other subdivision of this Agreement and to the agreements or Annexes which supplement or supplement it, as they may be amended, adapted or replaced from time to time; Notwithstanding the provisions of this Agreement, the Licensor shall have the right to enter into farmout agreements with any person concerning the oil and gas rights contained in the Concession Areas, such person being able to acquire an interest in such oil and gas rights upon payment of capital charges or any other consideration. which have emerged with a view to the valuation of these oil and gas rights. . . .

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