Translate Service Level Agreement To Chinese

We are passionate about providing excellent service and is committed to reaching the next level of service. All you ask for in return is simple things. If no instruction is given, the translator will use his best professional judgment to complete your translation. If the quality is not compatible with the required level due to an imprecise customer specification, STAR changes are calculated using an hourly rate. If you have a particular terminology that you want to use, let us know before you start. We will then be able to share that with our translators. If you don`t give us terminology, STAR will translate with our best professional judgment and experience. Sometimes your preferred terminology may not match the conditions we prefer. This can be displayed during the check.

If you change the conditions after the final delivery, these changes will be charged by STAR at an hourly rate, as we need to do extra work to provide this. The translators wait for the answers to complete the translation. If timely clarification is not possible, STAR will apply its best professional judgment so that the translation can be completed in a timely manner. We will tell you when we deliver your translation. If changes are made after the translations, star is calculated at an hourly rate. We need correct and complete source files for translation. This includes all associated elements, such as fonts and images. We need your images so we can see your products and diagrams correctly during translation.

It also means that we can make the final layout of the file. If we have everything, we can produce final files ready to print in any language. It is important to get it from the beginning to make the process simple. This avoids the additional costs of translating when files change. There is often more than one way of saying certain things in certain languages. Translation has many good favorite choices and you have to accept that, while STAR`s preferred choices may differ from your, this does not mean that the original translation is incorrect or wrong. STAR will create a translation memory for your projects and this will reflect your favorite styles in all future projects. We look forward to your comments when reviewing your project. We recommend using WebCheck to create comments where possible.

Please inform us of “all your requirements” before starting the translation to avoid any rework or additional costs. Let us know if you want to check the translation by someone in your company. If you send us a translation feedback after the DTP work is completed, implementing these changes is a lot of extra work.

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