Street Light Agreement

Belo Horizonte – Concesséo administrativa para a prestaéo dos serviéos de iluminaéo péblica no Munic`pio de Belo Horizonte incluédos o desenvolvimento, modernizaéo, amplifier, eficientiza`o energética, opera`o e manuten`o da Rede Municipal de Ilumina`o Péblica – Concession for the development, modernization, extension, energy efficiency, operation and maintenance of the communal lighting network. See also: Impact Story: SNTA supports PPPs for public lighting in Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro, PPIAF April 2016 Local Authorities Services (LAS) and RealTerm Energy have developed a public lighting replacement program that has enabled 150 municipalities to purchase turnkey LED public lighting together. This reduced transaction costs, allowed competitive purchases for small and medium-sized municipalities, and changed the LED market in Canada. Lighting Brazilian Cities: Business Models for Energy-Efficient Street Lighting (Modelos de Negécio para Eficiéncia Energética energética em Ilumina`o Péblica), World Bank, June 2016 (English and Portuguese) – Based on urban studies and surveys conducted in more than 300 municipalities, the report identifies innovative economic models and financial structures that meet the needs and skills of different cities. In addition, recommendations are being made to state institutions to put in place new effective strategies and mechanisms to help Brazilian cities adopt public lighting. Birmingham Highways Maintenance and Management Service PFI – Project Agreement – Schedules – Contract between Birmingham City Council (Authority) and Amey Birmingham Highways Ltd (service provider) regarding the renovation, maintenance, management and operation of the public lighting network in the City of Birmingham, according to the government private finance initiative (PFI). The contract was signed in May 2010. The public lighting component is only part of the 25-year contract and includes the modernization and maintenance of 97,000 streetlights and the development of the corresponding road infrastructure. Relevant Public Lighting Legislation (Normatividad aplicable al alalumbrado peblico) (Spanish) Predictability Study Rio de Janeiro Municipal Public Lighting Project, World Bank Group August 2014- The aim of this study is to give Rio de Janeiro City Councillors a brief overview of global trends in EE public lighting; (b) a review of the applicable legal, institutional and legal framework that would affect investments in energy-efficient public lighting; and (c) recommendations on funding structures that reach a scale by grouping/aggregation. See also: Impact Story: SNTA supports SPS public lighting in Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro, PPIAF April 2016 Republic of India, energy-efficient public lighting – Implementation and financing solutions, World Bank, June 2015 – This report serves as a manual for the implementation of LED lighting programs based on India`s experience.

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