Shared House Tenancy Agreement recommends the application of the right to rent housing, as it creates security and clarity on all rights and obligations in housing. For example, the right to lease defines how obligations, access to the lessor and termination are due. Step 2 – Sign the agreement and give it to your principal tenant for signature. Keep a copy for yourself. Please talk to your landlord if you want to stay after leaving the others. You can apply for a new joint lease with replacement tenants or sign a new contract only on your behalf. If you wish to rent a house or apartment, all you have to do is provide these legally binding documents in writing. They can be used to create the standard rental type known as “Assured Shorthold Tenancy.” These leases have been approved by the National Landlords Association (NLA). The reception of a tenant has less legal requirements than the rental of an entire property.

However, we always recommend that you write something because it protects you and your tenant, and gives you a baseline in case of disagreement. Many real estate, perhaps most, are rented to people who share people. Families, couples, friends, even strangers share to save money. If you are an owner and you have people who share your property, what is the best way to use it in your lease? If someone you share with wants to leave, they have to increase it with the owner. Whether they leave or not has no influence on your lease. Finally, note that the question of whether a property is an HMO does not depend on the type of lease used. A property is an HMO if it falls within the definition of the Housing Act 2004. So don`t worry about using the “House in a Common House” agreement because you think you`re going to create an HMO. It shouldn`t make any difference. NB If you want to check what type of rental is right for your property, go to my rental guide. You probably have separate leases if each person in the property has signed a separate contract with the owner.

With respect to tenant contracts, my Your Law Store website sells a “new tenant package” that provides all the forms your tenant needs here. If you rent part of a house or apartment to another tenant – and they have a written lease with the owner of the premises – you are your main tenant.

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