Rydoo Data Processing Agreement

When you use our services, we also automatically collect certain information, such as your IP address, your type and your browser version, or mobile device data and local settings, such as language. B; Activities on our website, including the pages you visit and the search operations you perform. Personal data is not transferred to a country outside the EEA unless you can allow us to use some of the social media platform data available on your profile, such as photo, email address or name. Rydoo services will be used by adult users. Data on minors is collected only with the permission of parents/guardians. Rydoo is also integrated with several service providers, hotels, airlines, travel management companies, rail operators, financial institutions, security services, etc. These third parties participate in the entire travel management service and share travel data with the Rydoo platform that manages everything. (e) instructions: for the purposes of item 5 (a) of the standard contractual clauses, the treatment described by the data protection authority and any other written instrument agreed upon by the data exporter and the data importer constitutes an instruction given by the data exporter to the data importer at the time of the seizure of the data protection authority and/or such an instrument written to process personal data on behalf of the data exporter. All additional or other instructions are subject to the provisions of the data protection authority. The RGPD gives individuals more rights and control over their data by regulating how companies should manage and store the personal data they collect. The RGPD also increases the implementation of the application by strengthening the implementation and imposition of higher fines for violations of the provisions of the RGPD. 2. The parties agree that the supervisory authority has the right to carry out a check on the importer of data and a subprocesser with the same scope and conditions as in the case of a control of the data exporter in accordance with existing data protection legislation.

1. The parties agree that any person concerned who has suffered harm in violation of the obligations of a party or subcontractor covered in point 3 or 11 above will be entitled to compensation from the data exporter for the injury suffered. You can request all available information about the source of personal data and you can also request a copy of your personal data that we process. 11. Legal needs: In some cases, your data may be used to resolve disputes or administrative procedures. (i) Transfers from Switzerland: Notwithstanding Section D above, these clauses are interpreted by a data exporter based in Switzerland in accordance with Swiss law. In such cases, references to Directive 95/46/EC in these clauses must be read as references to Swiss data protection, data protection, data security or the processing of information relating to persons applicable to the data exporter, and the terms defined in Clause 1 have the meaning (or equivalent terms) given to them in this legislation. References to the `Member State` should be read in the form of references to Switzerland. Without prejudice from Section A above, the parties also agree that in the case of data transfers in which the definition of “personal data” (or an appropriate equivalent clause) applies to information relating to legal persons, these clauses also contain information about legal entities where the definition of “personal data” (or an appropriate equivalent clause) applies to information relating to legal persons.

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