Godaddy Hosting Agreement

Если у вас возникнут вопросы касательно используемых нами методов или ваших прав, описываемых далее, вы можете обратиться в наш Отдел по защите персональных данных и его специализированную службу поддержки по адресу эл. “It`s not going to be a game. Using the money in your Good As Gold account can only be done through the process of buying Go Daddy from Dad`s go site. Purchases can only be made if, at the time of purchase, sufficient balances available are available on your Good As Gold account to cover the total amount of the purchase, including related fees, as stated in this agreement or in other relevant agreements. If we discover that the services in question are used in connection with spam, we will hijack, suspend or cancel any hosting, domain registration, email boxes or other applicable service for a period of at least two (2) days. The registrant or customer is asked to reply by email that he no longer sends spam and/or spam on his behalf. We charge a non-refundable reactivation fee before the site, email boxes and/or services are reactivated. In the event that we discover that the abuse did not end after the first restoration of the services, we may terminate the hosting and email boxes linked to the domain name concerned. Если вы используете службу, которая позволяет импортировать контакты (например, услуги почтового маркетинга для рассылки электронной почты от вашего имени), мы применяем эти контактные данные и другие персональные сведения только для оказания запрошенной услуги. . I really live the worst customer service!!! my site ( didn`t work the last 3 good weeks without Godaddy`s notice!! I paid $500 for Google Ad`s words and I can track that it uses an activity (my potential customers block form to contact me), but godaddy didn`t make me stop my form functionality!!!! And now I don`t have access to my cpanel!!!! Basically, there is no way for me to fix anything! This is a second day when I live this problem! where the warranty is “99.9 operating time service” ????? Если у вас есть вопросы или жалобы касательно нашей Политики конфиденциальности, наших практик или Услуг, можете обратиться в наш отдел по защите персональных данных по адресу эл. . In short, the hosting arrangement says (my interpretation) that: they decide when the operating time was less than 99.9, not you (and btw, they are not responsible if the crash was because things were “out of their control” or because of the “reliability of certain programming environments” among others) and if this happens (not sure they send you an email notification, as they are the only ones who can decide it does) you can only charge a 5% credit of your fee for this month and must use it to buy other products from them.

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