CJC Photography’s Top Moments of 2019!

CJC Photography’s Top Moments of 2019!

I want to say a special thank you to ALL OF YOU! Because of all your love and support you have helped make 2019 my best and most successful year thus far. From authors, models, designers, event organizers, readers, friends & family thank you!

Having said that, here are some of my favorite moments of 2019!

Book Covers:

I worked on a variety of charity projects where my imagery was donated to worthwhile causes: 1) “Because He’s Perfect” (Movember Charity Anthology project), the front cover image of Sean Brady was provided and David Wills donated the back cover image of myself. 2) Book Boyfriends 2020 Calendar (Interstitial Cystitis) organized by Taryn Steele, images of Gideon Connelly, Josh McCann, and Daniel Rengering were provided. 3) “Victory Is Sweet” ( A special needs camp for children of all needs), the front cover image of Brock was provided.

When I first started working on book covers in 2013 I never would have imagined that I would have the opportunity to be featured on the covers of these novels as well. This year brought the most cover licenses I have ever done in a year, 8! I’m really looking forward to seeing these projects release next year and to see the final design work. As a huge reader, its even more surreal to see your own face on the finished product.

Alli had 5 image licenses this year, 2 solos and 3 couples themed. We have a few shoots lined up for next year prior to her wedding.

Events & Travel:

1) #BOBASE19 (St. Augustine, FL): This was an awesome start to the year, my first time in St. Augustine (which was so beautiful) and my first time attending this event. Fiona Tulle was the perfect tour guide and David Wills and I had an awesome time attending this signing with her!
2) Heart of Steel (Sheffield, London): It had been on my bucket list since high school to travel to London and this was the year it finally happened! I had the opportunity to collaborate with five of the local male models and we have sold 7 covers thus far. The architecture alone was breathtaking! Alli and I even got to see The Spice Girls on their reunion tour which was well worth the trip in itself. A special thank you to Anna Edwards for inviting us to this signing to attend with her as it was a once in a lifetime moment.
3) Space Coast Author Event (Cocoa Beach, FL): This was my second time attending this signing and Teri does such a great job organizing it. I also had the chance to work with a variety of authors on their head shots which was a great experience.
4) SaSS (Charlotte, NC): My first time ever in Charlotte! The weather was very similar to that of Florida’s and the downtown area was really eclectic. Brock, Dave and I had the chance to reunite with Lexi C. Foss and Aubree Valentine and it was fun getting to shoot in the local areas as well, one of my favorite things to do when traveling.
5) Indy Author Event (Indianapolis, IN): This was my first time traveling to Indy. I had the opportunity to be the event photographer and I got to meet and hang out with new authors I hadn’t met before and explore a new city. For instance, Brie Paisley and I had worked with one another for years and we finally got to meet!
6) Shameless Book Con (Orlando, FL): One of my favorite events to attend of the year (I believe this was my 4th), Shameless never disappoints. And its local, an added bonus! What made this year even more special was that it was my first time attending as the event photographer.


While not a main focus of mine, I wanted to delve back into magazine work this year. A lot of the models I collaborate with highly value being published in magazines because it builds up their portfolio and I thought it would be a win win for both of us. By the end of the year, 20 magazine editorials had released in a variety of avenues from fitness to fashion and swimwear. Also, my first spread modeling in a magazine released which was really special to me. This will continue to be an objective and goal of mine for 2020.

One of my favorite parts about attending author signing events is getting to meet and connect with authors in person. This year I had the opportunity to take author head shots at a variety of the events I attended and it was a fun way to not only get to interact but get to know each author better as well.

I make it a point to try and provide as much variety as I can in regards to the talent I work with on CJC Photography. Last year I did a poll in my Facebook group and asked who authors would like to see more of my site and what they were having difficulty finding. The top answers were: Full figured women (one cover of Felicia was sold), Interracial couples (David + Tara – 1 cover sold, Kevin + Alli – 1 cover sold, Kevin + Jackie – 1 cover sold, Mason + Chantal – edits releasing in January), POC (Chantal – edits releasing in January, Edwin , Kevin – 1 solo sold and 2 couples , Seth , Tara – 1 solo and 1 couples sold), Silver foxes (Tom – 4 covers sold).
I also incorporated FF themed shoots (Alli + Ashley, Alli + Danielle,  Alex + Riley), MFF (Casey, Alli, Ashley), MM (David + Chris, Luiz + Yenner), and more.

Other Ventures: 

I never had envisioned delving into the YouTube universe but I did just that in April. I created a YouTube channel – CJC Photography. This stemmed from my #FridayReads book reviews I had started earlier this year. It evolved into a video format and I’m excited to see how it has progressed since then. I’ve never really felt comfortable in front of a camera on film but I’ve grown to really enjoy it. I’ve been able to voice my love for the projects I’ve read in a different format and connect with readers and authors in a new way.

My blog has become a staple for years on my website and something I have made a constant effort to keep updated. My goal has always been to post at least twice a month and the content consists of a variety of elements such as author spotlight interviews and magazine features etc. I will be brainstorming other ideas to include next year as well.

And last but not least my monthly newslettter! Coming from an email marketing background, the day I left my day job in the corporate world I didn’t imagine I would jump back into that avenue on my own. However, its something I really love and enjoy. I get to now do it on my own terms and I have complete control over all the content I deliver. While a lot of work, I love the entire process from picking a theme/concept for each month and how I will go about executing it. I’m looking forward to continuing that into 2020!

What’s Next???

Where do I start? One of my main goals will be to travel to different markets such as Miami, NY, and LA. I love meeting and working with new people and this will be a great way to continue that.

I will also continue to grow and expand upon my YouTube channel. Along with spotlight interviews, I will be incorporating author interviews at signings. My monthly newsletter and blog will be priorities as well.

And photo shoots… expect a lot of photo shoots of brand new faces and returning favorites as well.

Once again, I would just like to say a special thank-you to everyone for their continued love and support. It really means so much to me.

Stay tuned for upcoming news and brand NEW imagery in 2020!

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