CJC Photography’s Top Moments of 2016!

CJC Photography, Florida photographer,  book cover photographer, romance book cover photographer

CJC Photography, Florida photographer,  book cover photographer, romance book cover photographer2016 marked a lot of exciting new opportunities including: book covers, publications, traveling, and events.

Read more about my top moments below…

Book Covers: In 2015, I licensed images that were featured on 69 covers. In 2016, I surpassed that cover total with 82 licensed images. This included 5 series and 3 books that I personally modeled for. In 2017, I hope to have a total of 100 images licensed for the year (5 of which I hope to model for and 6 series as well).

Publications: “Alwayz Therro” (January 2016 spread featuring Hayley Marie). “Shock Magazine” (February 2016 Cover featuring Stephen Cwiok). “Tattoo Envy Magazine” (June 2016 cover/spread featuring Damien Decent). “Center Stage Magazine” (January/April 2016 features, July 2016 cover/spread featuring Rachael Baltes). Vogue Italia Online featuring the Li Twins.
2016 was the first time I ventured into a variety of other printed materials: Quinn Biddle and I partnered to release signed prints.
– The 2017 Boston Firefighter Calendar
– 2017 Book Boyfriends Charity Calendar (cover w/ BT, inside months with Assad and Quinn Biddle)
– The TankJoey Effect featuring Tank Joey and 5 other male models

Traveling: San Francisco, CA and Hawaii with my family. Alli (my sister) and I have been doing photo shoots with one another for years, she’s part of how I got started in photography. During our trip we were able to capture a wide variety of imagery, 2 images that were sold for covers thus far. Other travel destinations during the year included Canada, and NYC. However, the biggest moment of the year was when I moved to Tampa, FL in September. I have always wanted to travel to warmer weather, somewhere where I could shoot outdoors year -round and Florida had been on my list for years. It’s been the best move I could have possibly made and the vast amount of incredible talent in the area is endless.

Events: North Shore Author Event, MA (attendee). Mase, CT (Event Photographer). Shameless, FL (first time sitting at an author’s table as a model/photographer. Beach Babes, FL (Event Photographer).

Social Media:
FB: 30K, a 15K increase year over year.
Twitter: 2.7K, a 1.4K increase year over year.
IG: 22K, a 9K increase year over year.

All of these exciting opportunities and projects wouldn’t have been possible without all of your love and support! I truly appreciate it and I’m excited for what 2017 has in store.

– CJC Photography

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CJC Photography, Florida photographer,  book cover photographer, romance book cover photographer

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