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Tired of seeing the same image on every book cover? Looking for that perfect model to fit your character? CJC Photography’s images are sold for EXCLUSIVE book cover use meaning you will be the only author to have that image featured on your cover!

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(All book cover related inquiries – specific photo/model/pricing can be sent to: chris.correia9985@gmail.com)

Option A

Exclusive licensing of a pre-existing image: Starting at $500 ($300 photographer fee, $200 base model fee)


  • Bulk discount available for multiple images licensed at the same time.
  • If there are multiple models in the image additional fees apply per model (either a couple fee or individual model fee).
  • Model fee is determined by model or agency. The $200 base model fee is a minimum. Model fees can range from $200-$400.
  • Photographer fee and model fee will be paid separately (pay pal information will be provided in contract when image has been selected by the author).
  • Down payments/payment plans are available. A $100 deposit reserves an image/makes it deleted from CJC-photography.com. When the image is paid in full it will be emailed in high resolution to the author. A payment plan/structure will be discussed between CJC Photography and the author. A minimum of $100 must be paid per month until the image is finished being paid for.

Option B

Custom book cover photo shoot with teaser images included: ($400 photographer fee, model fee is determined per model). (For Author’s viewing only)!


  • Price includes session fee, 1 exclusive image to be utilized for the cover that you will own, and 9 teasers/swag that can be used for promotional use.
  • Purchasing an additional cover image from the set is a $200 fee.
  • Purchasing teaser/promotional images beyond the package is available for $50 each.
  • The final edited high resolution images are licensed to the AUTHOR only. A proof album is put together with the images from the photo shoot which the author is provided to browse and select their final choices for cover/teasers.
  • NOTE: Different poses/outfits/locations taken after completion of the cover shoot are available for further licensing by CJC Photography.
  • Client is responsible for determining photo shoot location, poses of the model and wardrobe. CJC Photography will work to capture the theme of the novel and will send images throughout the photo shoot to the author for approval. If the author isn’t present for the photo shoot, he/she will be kept informed of the shoot’s progression and receive live photos throughout the shoot to make sure the specified theme/concepts are being met.
  • Travel arrangements must be accommodated (flight/hotel).

Other: All book covers will be promoted via CJC Photography’s social media. (cover reveal/live release). Also, if interested author spotlight features are available via the CJC Photography blog.

* All sales are final. Refunds and/or exchanges are not available.
CJC Photography is not responsible for a model’s comments and/or opinions on social media or physical actions.

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